Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bad Blogger! Bad, Bad, Blogger!

I'm a bad blogger, and I need to be spanked!
Wait... This is not that kind of blog.

I need to be punished.
I need you all to tell me how bad I am.
How I've let you all down.
How i act like I don't care.

That will make me feel better.

My May Year's Resolution is to be a better blogger.
Because truly, I don't necessarily miss writing, but I do miss you.
I miss my blog girls and my couple of blog boys.
I love you all!

Emma, how I've missed your pretty pictures.  I just gave the world's biggest sigh!
Amanda, How I've missed your words, so clever that they cant be described by such lame words as clever.
Jenn, Your cards make me happy (even the yellow ones)

Please don't hate me too much after my ridiculous absence!!!


Lenina Crowne said...

It's ok as long as you let me spank you.
Tee hee!

Light and Writing said...

I would say all those things you want us to say to make you feel better but I have been just as bad! So happy to hear from you though!

Maggie May said...

you are not a bad blogger...but a silly one :)

Sunday's Pearl said...

L: Um... spank away. Why not, we can make it that king of blog.
E: Always too kind! I need it though:)
M: You know you love me.