Monday, April 6, 2009

Adventures of Don Fajah

I don't have the cord to download pictures of Vicki's shower, so I'll have to post about that when I get home from work today.
Instead, I will tell you of my stepfather's Sunday adventure.

I made the poor man leave the house during the shower because he doesn't know how to talk to people, much less a bunch of women celebrating the marriage of one of their own.
He was gone from 11 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Probably the longest he's ever gone off on his own. But he was okay- glad to be home when he arrived and full of stories.

He was most excited about going to the Dairy Queen.
Yes, my mother makes a gourmet meal for him every evening and he gets excited about Dairy Queen. Really?

He said that he got a discount because of his AARP card. Blushing, he retold the story of the guy behind the counter saying, "You can't be 65! You don't look old enough" Preening for all he's worth, Don Fajah said, "I should, I'm 78!" This exchange made him ridiculously happy. We're talking school girl happy.

He told me that after Dairy Queen, when he was still off roaming the greater tri-cities, he decided to treat himself to an ice cream cone and enjoyed it at a biker bar.

Wait... what???

My mother is very good at speaking Don Fajah, told me that the "biker bar" is actually an Exxon gas station in Maryville.

But apparently there was a guy on a motorcycle filling up gas, so... biker bar.


Lenina Crowne said...

I love any time my dad does something on his own. I always wind up laughing by the end of the story. Like the time the kitchen caught on fire. Because he was trying to make chili. Chili...

Light and Writing said...

I love dad (or step-dad) stories! My dad makes my heart swell when he tells of an adventurous day he had, funny or not. I loved your mom and know your step-dad is in my heart! bar...hilarious!

Sunday's Pearl said...

He really is something else! I think if he meant to be funny none of his stories would work out very well...
But I ♥ him!