Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Recap

Raina and I went man v wild. Okay, we went hiking. It was an easy hike trail at first, about 2 miles and most down hill. The second 2 miles- well... that part blew. I tripped once and fell on my face (or would have if my baseball cap bill hadn't stopped the impact) but it wasn't as bad as it sounds. You see, the hill we were climbing was so steep that I literally fell 15 degrees down. Didn't hurt at all! I do have the most spectacular farmer's tan this world has ever seen. I have to keep it covered up lest I provoke everyone's envy.

SUNDAY Sister and I did a different (and better to my way of thinking) kind of exploring. Boutiques! There is the most charming little store in Jeffersonville, IN called Gatherings. It was like I woke up in a dream... it was the most perfect little place, filled with tons of things to make me happy and little treasures hiding all over the room. If I could rent space in Gatherings to hang out in for hours on end, everyday- I'd consider it money well spent.

Sister and I drove to the University of Kentucky for the Jason Mraz concert and we both bought adorable t-shirts. But alas, I'm afraid that my love affair with Mr. Mraz is over.
He has a man claw on his right hand. Not kidding. Lord Voldemort's nails have nothing on this kid! Its really, really disturbing.

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Lenina Crowne said...

You love hiking? Oh gawd girl, we need to get together!