Thursday, April 9, 2009


The computers at work have denied me access to my blog world. Apart from my ridiculous anger is my withdraw symptoms. I've got all the signs: mood swings, phantom itching, and paranoia (thanks WebMD!). I can not comment on my favorite sites or see any of sweet Emma's pretty pictures. This is terrible!
My wonderful sister is going to post for me today, and maybe do a guest blog here and there to keep my blog cogs well oiled.
Topics she will probably discuss:
Her hot fiance
Micro brewed beers
Painting her McMansion
Banjo, bass, fiddle, and guitar
Bluegrass music, for that matter
Mother and Stepfather's visit (teehee)

Obviously she's a busy, busy girl so to get her to blog you'd have to ask her nicely...

I miss you all TERRIBLY!


Light and Writing said...

I miss you sweet Pearl! Tell your sis to bring it on! Can't wait to hear about the hottie and the McMansion. And you know I am always up for a mother and step-father story!
But still stupid office!
I can't post at mine just due to slow loads but I do take breaks to comment.
Still miss ya!

Lenina Crowne said...

Sigh... if I cannot have original Sunday Pearl... I suppose a close sibling will suffice. I am broken hearted. But I understand. Guess i'll just have to email you all day and forward you new blog posts. Yep. What shall we call your sis?