Thursday, April 23, 2009

last time

i suck molasses from
magnolia blossoms
and beckon him to come.
a tear escapes his eye
for the comfort of mine
while inside me a tree unfurls.
it branches up arms and down legs
and i name the fruit as it grows
strong in the pink shade of dusk.

Well, I'm not going to sundown tonight. I got caught up in Paradise Alley and didn't do my laundry or pack for this weekend. Sigh. I'm most upset because rumor had it I was finally going to meet Lenina there... It would have been like a (very, very small, quite possibly the smallest ever) bloggers convention.
Have a fantastic Thursday night for me. I'll be sitting around the house moping...


Lenina Crowne said...

I'll be missing you...

Light and Writing said...

This is such goodness! You move my heart!
We need moping kind of nights. I hope yours brings you through to a brighter morning!