Monday, February 16, 2009

Adventures in Little Five Points

Overheard at work while enjoying some cake:
I didn't put a baby in it so it's safe to eat.
Oh, this is going to be quite a long post! So much happened in the 404 this weekend...

I love going to Atlanta, especially because 3/8 of my immediate family live there. My car, on the other hand, absolutely despises Atlanta. I can understand why it feels this way- it will generally get hit (3 times so far) by an uncaring visitor from another house who doesn't believe in putting the car in reverse in order to escape from parallel parking. Or perhaps a resident dog is abhorrent of the color silver and believes his civic dog duty is to lift its leg against the hue of my car's paint. But this one is by far the best... Someone tried to jimmy my gas door open in order to siphon gas. Unfortunately, the gas door doesn't open without being asked to from inside the car (there's a handy little button I always confuse with the trunk opener) and so these Gas-less Wonders tried to pry it open. If I had known siphoning was a problem, I would have left the door open! I'd rather loose the quarter tank I arrived with to be taken than have to replaced the door.
So now I have a spectacular ding on my bumper (I haven't had time to fix since my previous ATL visit) and my gas door doesn't close. My car is a white trash wonderland...

But now for the actual visit!
On Friday night (Mr. Bear was already crib-sleeping) my sister and I celebrated my arrival with a bottle of champagne! I do love champagne- except when I drink it in my favorite hole-in-the-wall bar and the High Life connoisseurs make fun of me. When the champagne was despairingly empty, we moved on to a bottle of Korean red wine that was a gift from her stylist. It tasted like Welch's Grape Juice. It wasn't horrible, or even bad- it just wasn't what my palate was expecting. C'est la vie, oui?

For Valentine's Day, Sister gave her Husband the wonderful gift of acquiescence. He has wanted to start bike riding for some time, but Sister thinks helmets are tres lame and therefore has always voted 'nay' for such a hobby. For Valentines day, she bought two bikes, a bike rack and a bike seat for Mr. Bear. The three of us are now arguing this point: I think Mr. Bear needs a chariot (it's actually called that- a biking apparatus that sits low to the ground behind the bike) in case the parents take a spill (he'll be close to the ground, therefore less likely to hurt himself). The parents bought a bike seat because the chariot would take up too much room and its hard to navigate. I'm still having issues with them. I'll get over it when that sweet little baby is, oh- I don't know- 35?

Sister received two tickets to Flight of the Conchords for Valentine's. I'm making my jealous face right now, can you tell? See it? I'm still sporting it... I might take a picture and post it later.

Sister and I are going to buy our tickets for the 70th anniversary of Gone With the Wind at the Fox Theatre! GWTW is one of my favorite books of all time, and surprisingly enough, one of my favorite movies! Random Trivia: Mamie beats out Scarlett 9 out of 10 times as the most popular name from GWTW for southern babies. Why? Every mother answered the same: Mamie was the (physically, emotionally, and mentally) strongest character in the novel. Most of those surveyed said strongest in any book they've read.

Valentine's Day night Mr. Bear and I partied (played games) to the break of dawn (8:30P). There was one toy I wasn't sure about, but he, in all of his 7 month infinite wisdom, showed me the ropes. Dear Lord I love him more than any thing else in this world!

I arrived back home late on Sunday night and began moving all belongings from my room to the guest room so my windows can be replaced. Sigh.

No poetry today, folks. I still have memory of Mr. Bear's baby smell, and that's enough beauty for me today.

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That baby smell certainly is delicious, isn't it? :)