Friday, February 20, 2009

Witches and Ramblings

I was in a funk all day yesterday. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's a doozie. That all ended, of course, when JMS invited me over to her house after work for some quality girl time.
I had an absolute blast...The children are adorable and so polite! Kiddo was showing me all his race cars and I might have been a little too enthusiastic about it- When I asked to see yet another one he very politely said, "Um, I think I'm going to put them back in my room, please." It's probably for the best; they were really cool cars and I might have tried to klepto a few of them.
After the kids went to bed, we watched Practical Magic which I have never seen before. I loved it!

I dropped into bed as soon as I arrived home- wore my self out, I guess. I had a dream the night before last that was really very strange. Now it's a reoccurring dream. I didn't wake up screaming this time, but I still woke up at dawn and couldn't go back to sleep. Which turned out for the best because this morning's sunrise was unbelievable! The sky was electric pink and there was a slight mist hanging over the Lake Loudon. It was a dreamland. I considered running for my camera, but there was no force in the world that could have pulled me away from the view even for a second.
My blah yesterday turned out really well, and apparently it's still going strong.

JMS came up with a new challenge for the Knox Writing Club, but now I'm finding myself at a loss for what to write. Sigh.

My poopy (not a typo) dog's 12th birthday is coming up around the corner. I am at a loss for what to get him... I know he likes food, toys and biting runners- but what kind of present do you get for the dog that has everything???

*For those of you who need a good laugh this morning, ask JMS about getting a fingernail stuck in her ear.


JMS said...

I didn't actually get a fingernail stuck in my ear - but I sure dreamed that I did! And you're so right when you said that it is something I could do and you wouldn't put it past me!

Had a blast last night, too! We'll have to do that again...and soon!

Swedish Vampire movie night?


Oh - and the word verification today is "whall" - I'm wondering if that's Redneck speak for whale?

Archeobot said...

Too funny! I actually thought she'd done it!! Hah.

Oh, dear, to admit this makes me sad, but I have never actually seen her wedding album. Now that is terrible... I probably don't look anything like that now.

JMS said...

Sure she does - she'll always be just gorgeous! :) Short hair or long hair - doesn't matter!


Maggie May said...

i read Practical Magic two years ago and really liked it. it's a very charming eccentric book. sounds like a fun night you had :)