Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pass it On

My girl JMS received an award today for her blog. Her first ever which is seriously making her day. She really does deserve it... I love her blog!

And she passed it on to me, so thanks for that too, my pretty:)

I haven't had much time to follow my favorite blogs since Thursday, which is a tragedy I recently remedied. One site I am overly fond of, Flux Capacitor, had a list of 8 people (dead or alive) she would want to invite to a dinner party.
'm trying to recreate the magic here, with a list of 8 people I would love to share apricot flambe with...
*No authors (poet or otherwise) will make my list. I refuse to chose between the people that all contribute to making sure I have something to do on a Saturday night.
1. My dad. I miss him like hell.
2. Jesus. Come on, what I wouldn't give to pick that brain. And maybe play mad-libs.
3. Henry VIII. I want a few words with him about his treatment of women.
4. Albert Einstein. He didn't have a lot of friends, you know. And I'm pretty sure he would get wild after a couple champagne cocktails.
5. Che Guevara. Battle of Las Mercedes, anyone? He was a brilliant revolutionary. And not too bad on the eyes. And if Fidel wanted to come, cigars would be a delightful hostess gift.
6. Margaret Sanger. Of course I'd want her there! I'd sit her next to Henry.
7. Alfred Hitchcock. Revolutionized film and scared the shit out of me. Unfortunately, we've devolved since then and continue to make American Pie movies.
8. All my favorite bloggers. Yes, yes. Come and dine with me!

What about you? Who would you invite to dinner?

I had an exceptionally long conversation with my best friend last night. His girlfriend (of like, 3 months) broke up with him. This is the second time she's done it, because the first one didn't take- probably went something like this, Girl: I want to see other people. Rizzo: No.
He is tenacious.

My goal now is to find him a girl. There really are no requirements other than she must be short (Rizzo is short). He is a good looking kid, loves sports and is a semester away from graduating with a sociology degree. Well, maybe the girl should have money as well- he might not make any. He is a sweet, sensitive guy (seriously, for the women, of the women and by the women- but he doesn't cry) straight out of New York, but I think he loves the south. Most importantly, he will treat you very, very well.
Distance isn't an issue either- he will move for the right girl. I'll pack him myself.

If you'd like to check him out in action, he'll be at Manhattan's in Knoxville, TN on February 28th. Look for the short guy playing drums with the band. And don't be alarmed if he is a little intoxicated; it's his birthday.
If you do come, don't mention I was blogging to find him a girlfriend.

*It's not a great picture- but it's the only one I have on my work computer. On second thought, if you see the girl that's also in the picture, don't mention it to her either.


JMS said...

Ah - poor Riz. He doesn't know what just hit him, does he? I'll be sure to pass this along to all my single friends - not that I have any besides YOU, that is.

Hey - there's an idea!?!?!

Whaddaya think?



Sunday's Pearl said...

Um... No.

Light and Writing said...

Hey I don't know the two of you but Jen has an idea there! Very cute post! He sounds sweet, get that man a girl! Thanks for visiting me!
p.s. your dinner party would be very interesting!