Monday, February 23, 2009

Apologies, Etc.

Reoccurring nightmare? Check.
Having a nightmare that was even worse minutes after I get back to sleep? Check.
I’m tired…

and I’m a bad, bad friend.
Apparently a Knoxville native reads my blog, because someone went into the bar where Rizzo works and recognized him from my 'girlfriend search post'. Oh dear.

Since he was on the extreme side of upset, he wouldn’t answer my phone calls. So I came up with a song to serenade him with until he decided to forgive me. It worked… I don’t know if it was so I would not ever sing to him again or if it was just time to give in.
This is what I came up with:

You can’t be mad at me forever,
No, you can’t be mad at me forever-
Cause I don’t play the flute
Or wear a man’s suit
And I’m super, super, super, duper cute.
You can’t be mad at me forever,
No you can’t be made at me forever-
Cause I said that I was wrong
and I wrote this awesome song
And you’ll want to talk to me before too long

He loves me desperately, so I knew he’d come along eventually.
That and I’m fairly certain he remembers that I bought him a present for his birthday- and I only buy people the best gifts for their birthday.

My mother called me this morning at work while she was playing around on Facebook. She asked me if she could join the group “Jewish World Order” even if she wasn’t Jewish...
I guess she can, right?

Translator by birth:
My cousin mentioned on one of her Facebook 25 things note that her favorite movie was Can’t Buy Me Love.
I commented “and that makes you a prostitute."
My sister had to explain to the cousin that I didn’t think she was a prostitute, Bobby thought Cindy was one. Jeez, if it’s one of your favorites, you should know that quote as well as you know the African Anteater Ritual! My favorite quote from that movie is where Ronald finally tracks Cindy down, and he's so close to tears it hurts, and he says, "Nerds, jocks. My side, your side. It's all bullshit. Its hard enough just trying to be yourself."

Oh Patrick, how I still love you...

*I’m in love these things that can be bought:
1. My wingtip heels (I forgot how comfortable they are!)
2. The absence of peeling polish on my nails.
3. Rereading Twilight.
4. Cold pizza.
5. Hot chocolate.
*Because I'm enjoying them all at this very moment!

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Light and Writing said...

This was an awesome awesome post! I am so glad he forgave you! What are the odds of someone recognizing him? crazy!
Your mom sounds hilariously fantstic!
And yeah, whats up with not getting your favorite movie? That is when I loved Patrick the most!