Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ask, And Ye Shall Recieve

My first participant of "send Pearl some pics" is the lovely Aaron Parker in Knoxville, Tennessee- it's a picture taken in 1911 when Niagara Falls was completely frozen!

Thank you, my darling! The rest of you should follow suite and amaze me! I will say pleasant things about you...

Now for the serious.

I have been bothered by something for the past couple of days, and I really shouldn't be... I follow a blog that is a daily celebration of my friend's family and life. It's day-to-day things, but the way she lives and reacts is so beautiful. I noticed and questioned why she took one of her quotes off her blog. She told me that some people got the wrong impression of how she feels towards her family (the quote was funny and flippant).

There are so many different forms of expression that to be stuck in one is no kind of expression at all! Who says you can't be multi-faceted? My love for my family does not extinguish my humor, and because I've had blessings does not mean I have not had tragedies.

I might have that out of my system now.
We’ll see…

Here is the poem I mentioned yesterday:


Glory is found in fields
other than fertility.
I’ll not bend for husband & brother
or suckle Horus at my breast.
My vagina is more
than a passage way for men.
Praise Isis her honor,
it is not mine.

Normally with such a poem, I would preface as to not offend the masses. But now I'm not because I'm feeling childish, and I don't have to preface it because it's mine and not yours and you're not the boss of me...

Most people have an inner-child... mine is definitely an outie. I think there is a necessary release of inhibitions, consequences and coolness- being cool is the antitheses of childhood. When I go around my office building trying to get people choreographed into a Jets/Sharks like rumble, it isn't cool- but it makes me feel good.

I'm exhausted now, so I'm going to sit back and daydream away the hours.


Maggie May said...

writing a compact to the point poem is hard for me so this is something i admire!

wow- i didn't know Niagra Falls had EVER frozen like that. truly amazing.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Wow, that's amazing. Absolutely gorgeous.