Friday, March 6, 2009

How Many Times Can I Say LOVE?

I get a word of the day from I like this tremendously because not only do I expand my vocabulary (unless they give me a totally lame word), but I also find something to read. Sound odd? It isn't. When they send my word, they always use it in a sentence- generally the sentence is a quote from a book. If I haven't read the book, I write it down and read it later.

Today the word "martial" was used in a quote from Charles Wolfe's poem, The Burial of Sir John Moore. I've never read it, so I'm giving it a shot today.

Interesting fact about Charles Wolfe: He had turned down the chance to read for a scholarship as he was in love with a girl and could not commit to celibacy as was then required.

I love men that love women... And men that love men. And women that love women... Well, I love love. And I love love poems! I wrote one, but its missing something... Maybe it will be posted tomorrow.

But today is my tribute to writers!
I am in love with words. Even more so, I'm in love with people that can string them together to create a dream or nightmare, a promise or a reflection, hope or defeat. I can read a book and step into a million different realities. There is nothing more fascinating than opening an old friend or beginning a journey with a new one. I even have come to love the blogverse. I'm giving out my accolades today to the bloggers that never fail to make me smile with their words- that put their thoughts, so beautifully (or so simply), together in a way that gives me daily joy.

I happily give this to:
and Mary
Thanks for the fuzzies. xoxo
p.s. The answer to the title question is 13. Unless I made a mistake, which has happened before. And even that one doesn't really count because 1982 was a very hard year for me...


Maggie May said...

How awesome! An award that truly makes me happy :) Thank you, new friend!

JMS said...

Thank you for my present! I love it! :)

Jenn @ Random Ramblings

Light and Writing said...

This truly made me smile from the inside! Thank you most for the kind words! I love this gift!