Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On My Mind

You know it's busy at work when you work 15 steps from your BFF and you still interoffice a crossword to her, and get in return an interofficed book she borrowed.

Yesterday was the Quarterly Meeting for our company. The first one is informative and interesting. There are three meetings. I have to sit through all of them. I read a lot yesterday.

My sister gave me a book about ten or so years ago called Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.
I started reading it again yesterday and it is as heartbreaking as I remember. But Achebe is such an amazing writer and just go with it. If you haven't read it, I highly suggest it- in fact, I highly recommend anything by him.

Mother is a ninja. I dropped her off at the market the other day and followed her in fairly quickly. She was on aisle 7 when I entered the store. This wouldn't seem that odd, she might have gone straight to 7, but I know Mother- she must go down every single row of goods.
How did she get there so quickly?

When I found her on 7, she was walking away from me, so I waited at the end, running back and forth between the aisles so that whichever one she came down I would be at. I didn't see her at either... 2 seconds later she was coming out of the beer section which is 5 lanes down and on the other side of the store. I would have had to see her if she ended there! I asked her if she was Crouching Tiger or Hidden Dragon. She said she was Awesome Shopper.

I want to rent a video tonight, but I don't know which one to get. Any suggestions?
(Nothing serious! Give me scary or comical)

Stepfather and Mother were having sexual innuendo night... at the dinner table. I thought I was going to boot. I might have. I'm trying to block the evening out of my head.

Sister Raina was in town last night and brought her fiddle along for the ride. She plays fiddle and upright bass. Her fiance plays banjo and guitar. If could do all of them at the same time they'd be the coolest band ever!
*She taught me how to play a couple of chords and for some reason the A# hates me. I don't know why. I never did anything to it!

Vicki called me last night. Why I love her: We had a thirty minute conversation and managed to talk about the following (and in enough detail we both felt better afterwards):
1. Her wedding (dress, wine, other bride maids and shower)
2. Her office drama
3. My office drama
4. Rizzo's birthday
5. Subsequently, a boy (if you used to read my old blog, you can probably figure out who it was)
6. The Bachelor
7. Her plans for the night
8. My not plans for the night

Kindred, we are...

Mother just called my cell- after I answered she said "Oh! I meant to call the other one!"
Ten seconds later she called my office line. "Mother, it's still me..." "Oh... How are you honey?"

It's a good thing we talked though- she was on her way to pick up jumper cables for a young man's car that had stalled out on her road. I told her that under no circumstances should she go back by herself- take the dog or Stepfather! "Oh, it's okay, it's Blake (my ex-husband's cousin). Well, great then.
Is this how my day is going to begin?

So what's my happy today? I need one desperately. Any givers?

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JMS said...

Your happy today is the pending arrival (though probably not today) of a beautiful handmade ring from your BFF! LOL!