Thursday, March 12, 2009

Odd Correlations and Quotation Overload

This post is a bit awkward… just bear with me if you can.

Driving home yesterday after work I saw a man totally flipping out in the car in front of me. His arms were flailing everywhere and he seemed to be more in the passenger seat than the driver’s (I’m sure he would have wound up in the backseat if it weren’t for the seatbelt - safety first). The lines of the road meant nothing to him as he weaved the entire expanse of the interstate. I knew exactly how he felt. If I had met this guy 1-4 years ago, in a bar, he would have been my next poor decision. As it is, I just shook my head and attempted to get past him without wrecking. I slightly succeeded.

Speaking of poor decisions, I was engaged to this boy for a while a couple of years ago. He had a friend named Brett and Brett had a girlfriend named Lisa (they live in North Carolina so I it took a while for me to meet them). Poor decision told me I’d love Brett because he was awesome (I doubted this because none of Poor Decisions friends were what I’d describe as “awesome”, and he told me that I’d love Lisa because she read a lot. Hm.

Let me just say that I might have had to go through all that hell with Poor Decision, just so I could meet these people. They really are wonderful. Now they are getting ready to move to the West Coast and I’m afraid that I will never see them again because it has been hard enough to make the trip to NC. But they are moving farther away from me soon, so I am planning a trip to Raleigh to see them at the end of the month. The three of us have so much to catch up on! One topic of conversation will definitely be the girl who Facebook stalked me to get my number so she could get Brett’s number. She has been calling me almost every day. I haven’t answered because I’m more than slightly afraid of her. And for the record, Lisa and I rarely talk about books (unless one of us finds a particularly good trashy romance novel). There just isn’t enough time after our politically/socially/mentally incorrect conversations.
I fear I might miss them more than I already do. Thank the gods for e-mail!

I don’t consider myself a religious person (spiritual, absolutely). However, if you were to ask me what religion I am I always say Catholic (how I was raised) but I never go to church (unless it’s for confession, because I’m one of those people who want a safety net… just in case) and when I pray it’s to a different kind of god than what I grew up with, and Jesus very rarely gets a shot out from me. So no, I’m probably not Catholic anymore. I don’t really know what I am… But I do know that when I happen to see anyone that has passed (or is passing) from this life into the great beyond (and yes, this does include animals) I always make the sign of the cross. And it’s not habit, because each time I really, really mean it. So what am I???

I’m gearing up for a girls week with JMS (oh yes, there will be mani/pedis, makeup and champagne)! I’m going to go hiking on Saturday so that she will have plenty of time to (mentally) prepare for my arrival. I have noticed that though I have several dear friends that say they’d do anything for me, anything means anything other than hiking. It isn’t safe to go into the woods alone, but I think I might just have to be rebellious (and stupid) and go by myself. I need to commune with nature, and I need to do it soon!

My friend, Marida is coming to town this weekend- I might be able to talk her into a moderate hike, but she might want to see her DB- oops! (Mother told me not to call him a douche bag because those actually serve some purpose)boyfriend instead. Blech.

And speaking of DBs, my friend at work told me that he didn’t like my shirt because I look like a waitress at the Sizzler. All I know is that a waitress at the Sizzler will probably have a job longer than I do (especially if I lived in Japan).


K @ Blog Goggles said...

You made me laugh for quite some time with the "four legs" post. Definitely made my day.

And do Sizzlers even exist anymore? I feel like I haven't seen one in ages. But hey, I'm with you if our current jobs fall through. Nothing wrong with a great cheap steak.

JMS said...

I would go hiking with you if I didn't have to CLEAN MY HOUSE for your impending arrival, my dear. Consider it a gift, if not a blessing.

I ♥ U


Oh, and the word verification today is "sunsvir" - I wonder if they meant sunsphere?

Maggie May said...

maybe the waitress at Sizzler are hot

i didn't know there WERE sizzlers anymore

Archeobot said...

LOL. If you think the last two posts were ridiculous, you just wait. I posted a few links along the sidebar with particular favorites you should check out... especially "Fishcapades" and "The sort of dumb ass thing you only do on a dare".

Sunday's Pearl said...

K: Maybe it wasn't sizzler- he might have said Ryan's Steakhouse. Horrible comment either way... he's dead to me
J: Sunsvir... probably, I've heard it pronounced that way before.
Maggie: If I worked at Sizzler, there would be hot waitresses, LOL!
Cara: You've kept me entertained for hours. I think that I should contirbute some sort of medical fund in order to keep your insurance costs down. Haha!

JMS said...

Hey - aren't you gonna contribute to MY medical fund, too! I mean, if Cara and I are 2 peas in a pod, so-to-speak, we should both be able to reap the benefits, don'tcha think?


Having a blast this week, btw!