Sunday, March 22, 2009

When We Get Together

My friend Vicki and my friend JMS have never met before (even though JMS did her amazing invitations) which has been difficult, I'm sure, because I always talk to each of them about the other one. Saturday night was the remedy for such bad behaviour on my part- the three of us met at Nama for dinner...We devoured everything...except this guy...Sweet friends and sushi... does life get better?


Maggie May said...

no it doesn't!! (well, maybe romantic love and children...:)

Sunday's Pearl said...

True, true... but seeing as I'm batting zero for those, I'll make do with raw fish! Ha!

JMS said...

Oh I really had such a great time on Saturday! It was good to finally (FINALLY) meet Vicki and also to finally (FINALLY) have friends that don't think I'm strange for loving raw fish and seaweed!

♥ ya!