Thursday, March 26, 2009

It Was Definitely One of the Three'C's

Last night's nose surgery had to be cancelled.

Instead my friend Gina and I went to a concert series held at the Bijou Theatre.
It is a great show, and if you're ever around the Knoxville area on the last Wednesday of the month you need to pony up the $10 and see it!

Before the show my bloodstream was still completely diluted with cold medicine and I stupidly add a shot of whiskey and 2 beers to the mix.
Not my crowing moment, folks.

Then after the show Gina took us, and almost drunk drove us into oncoming traffic, back west to the bar where we had met to go downtown. I was completely anxious after the car ride and didn't feel to swift by the time we got to The Hill.
I ordered chicken tenders there because I hadn't eaten all day and thought that it would help me feel better. Awful decision!

Not a Problem: I got home about 11ish and went to bed.
Huge Problem: Three hours later I'm hanging over the business end of the toilet wondering what went wrong.
Four hours after that I'm at it again, while trying to multitask my morning routine so I won't be late for work (I was 30 minutes late, egad!).

I'm still not sure what happened last night.
It was either the cold medicine (unlikely because I only had 3 drinks in a 6 hour period)
or the company (I really did think Gina was going to crash)
or the chicken (could have been bad. I was eating on autopilot at the time)

Or some strange combination of the three.

Regardless- I'm feeling much better now. I'm even going to cancel the whole rhinoplasty thing because of the hysterical comments I got yesterday.
My blog girls are the best blog girls!


JMS said...

You're damn right we are!

If I had to choose a "C" it would be hard to decide between the Chicken or the Company...

♥ U


Paulie said...

Dude! No wonder you were so quiet today!

Light and Writing said...

I hate when fun goes so wrong! And the buisness end of a toilet is always so wrong!
On a better note, we got your back (even if some of us are 100's of miles away)!

Sunday's Pearl said...

J: Oh yes- well you know how I feel about company, anyway:)

Paulie: I WAS a total loser today, wasn't I? Jeez- I was getting on my own nerves...

Emma: I just chest bumped you!!!Could you feel it???

Maggie May said...

Oh Yuck! I feel queasy just reading this. Glad you're all bettah.