Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm Super...Thanks for Asking!

Yesterday's bitch fest is finally over... thank goodness!
Mothers are fantastic- well, mine is.
I called her before I left work and was grumbling and complaining and just being a real nag. She said- "Come home. Momma will take care of you."
Okay, I might be 28 and my mom might be the size of my right leg- but I still fit in her lap. She stroked my hair and hummed and just held me. I guess that was all I really needed.

I didn't get a lot of feedback on movies- (AKP did send me in the right direction. Thanks girl!)but I did get a few for happy books (apparently thats where I was going wrong).

Jennifer offered her daughter's books- she said they were all about princesses, and since I was one it should be an easy read. For the record: I am. I should be receiving those books soon.

Emily offered to send me a french book. A happy french book. I think she wants me to talk her lingo again.

Bill (who was recently updated on my search for Riki Tiki Tavi) is going to send me a collection of Kipling's children stories.

All in all, it's a boon day!

I haven't posted my story for KWC and I haven't posted any poetry. Today is going to be catch up day...


JMS said...

WHAT ABOUT ME!!!??? I spent hours and hours and hours just being there for you in your bitchiness! LOL! Not that I expect a pat on the back or anything - that's what friends, do, right? They're just...well...there?

And, truth be told, I did leave yesterday without getting the book I told you I'd get from my car...

Dammit! I do suck!

Bad friend! Bad bad friend!


Pearl said...

No!!! You never suck in the friend dept. And you did keep me from throwing myself off the top of the building. I'm a bad friend for not writing what a GREAT friend you are!!!!